Weekly reflections-writing is hard

I am finding it hard to stay motivated. I have ideas but they seem to fall flat. When something is published, like my Drabble in Trembling With Fear, or my short story in Sirens Call, I am thrilled, but the excitement dwindles. It is disheartening when a story is rejected, makes you want to give up. The same goes for Twitter pitches, not sure if they are my thing…..

I think it is because I am treating writing like a job, in my quest for publications, I am chasing deadlines and venues, rather than chasing the story. Keeping lists and spreadsheets feels a bit too much like my real job. I write for fun and to release stress, not add to it.

I am also eager to review books, but am behind, and sometimes feel pressure to put together the review, versus enjoying the book. I admire those voracious reviewers with wonderful branding and imagery, one day…..

For now, I resolve to do write and read for fun, joy and if something becomes of it, perfect, if not, that is okay.

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call – Issue 44 ‘Can You Feel It?’ | #Horror #OpenCall #ReprintsWelcome #fiction @Sirens_Call

For all of you writers out there………a wonderful publication

The Sirens Song


For the forty-fourth issue of The Sirens call eZine, we want you to make us feel the horror!

Short stories, flash fiction, drabbles, and poetry are acceptable provided they fit within the horror/dark fiction genre. We welcome reprints as long as you hold the copyright to the piece.

Your piece can be scary, sullen, emotive, freaky, elegant, bizarre, have a dark-humor edge to it, or be flat out creepy as hell!

The basic rules:

  • Write the piece well.
  • The piece must be primarily horror/dark fiction.
  • Don’t break our set-in-stone taboos – NO pedophilia, NO bestiality, and NO descriptive rape scenarios.

Be creative, be bold, show us what you’ve got, and if it fits our criteria, we’ll offer it up to about 35,000 sets of eyes!


Submission Deadline: March 31, 2019

Circulation:Approximately 35,000

Short story word count: 1,000 – 2,500 (limit of one submission per author)

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The Journey Begins

Read with me, write with me, learn with me.Thanks for joining me on my creative writing journey!

This is my first blog on my new website and the first thing I am discovering is that the quality of the website matters.

My hope is to add some book reviews, short stories and comments about the journey. I am active on Twitter and enjoy the writing community support.

I also hope to discuss my love of tv and movies, I have eclectic tastes in this and books. Some days I want horror, the next romance, perhaps some sci-fi and than some paranormal, with a little cozy mystery thrown in.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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