Weekly reflections-writing is hard

I am finding it hard to stay motivated. I have ideas but they seem to fall flat. When something is published, like my Drabble in Trembling With Fear, or my short story in Sirens Call, I am thrilled, but the excitement dwindles. It is disheartening when a story is rejected, makes you want to give up. The same goes for Twitter pitches, not sure if they are my thing…..

I think it is because I am treating writing like a job, in my quest for publications, I am chasing deadlines and venues, rather than chasing the story. Keeping lists and spreadsheets feels a bit too much like my real job. I write for fun and to release stress, not add to it.

I am also eager to review books, but am behind, and sometimes feel pressure to put together the review, versus enjoying the book. I admire those voracious reviewers with wonderful branding and imagery, one day…..

For now, I resolve to do write and read for fun, joy and if something becomes of it, perfect, if not, that is okay.

Weekly Refection #2

Well the week has not been as productive creativity wise, but perhaps strategy wise there is some progress. I submitted one drabble and signed up to review some books. I have been working on a short story and adding a few lines here and there to a romance novella I am developing. I added a few book reviews to my blog , but need to find ways to make them catchier, as I tend to be too brief. I have been reading a lot of other bloggers to see how they find the right balance. Still learning the ropes as far as ensuring links and images fit.

Twitter tends to be a blessing and a distraction, following a lot of new people and hearing about some amazing books and anthologies. My love of television and movies also generates a lot of ideas but can be distracting, especially the news. It is a bit like watching a combination horror show, soap opera and car wreck. I am contemplating another blog devoted to media, and  learning more about industry.

My burning question right now is about mugs, wondering if other writers have a favorite, and if it brings forth any creative magic? Does it vary based on what genre you are writing in? Should I fill it with coffee, tea, wine or grey goose?

Student Nurse-schools books or romance novels?

When I was attending nursing school (many moons ago) I often needed a break from my studies. Luckily the nursing residence, on the grounds of the remote psychiatric hospital grounds, had a small reading nook filled with all kinds of books and magazines , including a large collection of romance paperbacks.

Needing a break from the school books, hectic days on the care units, and often sad stories of some of our patients, I was drawn to the allure of the romance novels and the happily ever after (HEA) escape. The copies were obviously well read judging by the tattered covers and ear-marked pages.

The stories were just what I needed to help me fall asleep in my unfamiliar surroundings and reminded me of my mom, an avid reader of romance, usually historical. I still made time for schoolwork but the break was a lifesaver. I still gravitate to a romance paperback when life and work builds up, augmenting it with a romance audiobook on my walks. I am glad the books found me and still do.

Weekly reflection #1

As a new blogger and aspiring writer, I have been busy trying to learn some of the science of the craft. I have been busy following other bloggers that interest me and find I am drawn to those that are reviewing books or publishing stories. There are some amazing sites and so many talented people to follow and learn from. The writing and reading community seems amazing and so supportive of each other. I took a chance and submitted 2 short stories, hearing back from 1 editor so far with good news that it will be published next week. Honoured for the opportunity and excited to keep building my skills. Twitter is also an inspiration, both from the tips from other authors and the unlimited potential of venues and sites of all genres looking for stories.

With full time work, and an addiction to tv and movies, my reading time was a bit less than hoped. This leaves me in awe of all the reviewers that seem to be able to share so many amazing books with us eager followers. My ‘want-to-read’ list on Goodreads is growing every day and I am sure will allow me to keep very busy when I retire. it has also been interesting to add some books I read in my younger years, and noticing trends, I obviously loved mystery as a child.

I have a lot of works in progress in a lot of genres; from horror, romance, paranormal, thrillers and even a children’s story. As a pet owner and animal lover, most of them feature some sort of animal in the story, and the grief from a recent loss seems to be compelling me towards those stories more than others. I wonder if this is true of other authors, does current mindset inspire creativity.

After some life chores are marked off, I will light a candle, put on the wool shawl my mom knit me, and get busy creating, with the pictures of all my pets surrounding me, almost hearing the purring and the sensation of curly and silky fur on my feet.

The Journey Begins

Read with me, write with me, learn with me.Thanks for joining me on my creative writing journey!

This is my first blog on my new website and the first thing I am discovering is that the quality of the website matters.

My hope is to add some book reviews, short stories and comments about the journey. I am active on Twitter and enjoy the writing community support.

I also hope to discuss my love of tv and movies, I have eclectic tastes in this and books. Some days I want horror, the next romance, perhaps some sci-fi and than some paranormal, with a little cozy mystery thrown in.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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