Phone on the wall-part 2

The sound of shattering glass stopped her in her tracks, but when she heard her sister’s whimpering Bonnie knew she needed to get to that phone, more urgently than ever. She crawled forward finally getting to the corner, standing up and trying to feel the phone cord without actually entering the kitchen. She knew that once she turned the corner she would be in full view of the kitchen window.

Her hand could only sense smooth wall, she wasn’t close enough. Taking a deep breath she steeled herself and entered the kitchen. “Don’t look” she whispered, but unable to heed her own advice, she looked at the window. His face was lit by the moonlight and their eyes locked. He looked just as shocked as she did and quickly ducked down beneath the sill. She used the chance to grab the phone and scoot back in the hall. Her dog licked her shaking hand as she sat down.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid” she mumbled realizing that she forgot to dial 911 on the phone base before grabbing the headpiece. She would have to go back………

Phone on the wall-part 1

Her little sister Amy was crying and her mom was holding Amy tight to muffle the sound. It was up to Bonnie to get to the telephone and call for help. This was the time before cordless phones, and the hallway to the kitchen seemed never ending. She was certain that the men outside must be able to hear her heart beating above their scratching and prying at the window frame.

The doorbell started to ring again and her tiny dog began to bark bravely, but the shrillness gave away the fact he was too tiny to be a threat to the intruders. Regardless he stayed by her side as she inched forward, somehow knowing she needed reinforcement. She stroked his curly white hair and it calmed her nerves. She looked back and could barely make out her family but saw her mom rocking back in forth, in part to soothe Amy, but mostly to calm her own terror. Her mom was not strong in uncertain situations, dad normally handled these things, but he was out of town.

She was just a few feet away from the phone on the wall,she just had to turn the corner, when the window shattered………

Weekly Refection #2

Well the week has not been as productive creativity wise, but perhaps strategy wise there is some progress. I submitted one drabble and signed up to review some books. I have been working on a short story and adding a few lines here and there to a romance novella I am developing. I added a few book reviews to my blog , but need to find ways to make them catchier, as I tend to be too brief. I have been reading a lot of other bloggers to see how they find the right balance. Still learning the ropes as far as ensuring links and images fit.

Twitter tends to be a blessing and a distraction, following a lot of new people and hearing about some amazing books and anthologies. My love of television and movies also generates a lot of ideas but can be distracting, especially the news. It is a bit like watching a combination horror show, soap opera and car wreck. I am contemplating another blog devoted to media, and  learning more about industry.

My burning question right now is about mugs, wondering if other writers have a favorite, and if it brings forth any creative magic? Does it vary based on what genre you are writing in? Should I fill it with coffee, tea, wine or grey goose?

Book Review-Wicked Cravings by Suzanne Wright

In honor of the recent Blood Red Moon-check out my book review on Goodreads

I haven’t read a shifter novel in a while and really enjoyed this book. I forgot all about the alpha male aspects of the pack and once I just went with it, had fun. The heat level was great, the chemistry palpable and the intimacy hot….

This was author was new to me and though I read the book out of sequence, still enjoyed her style and hope to check out the other books in the Phoenix Pack series.

Celebrate with a Chai Tea-first published story

I am thrilled to say that my first short story was published by CafeLit. It is called Black Socks on the Clothesline .

I came up with the idea a long time ago when I was out for a walk on my lunch hour. The neighborhood was made up of older homes and there seemed to be a lot of older and possibly retired couples, judging by home many seemed to be home tending to the yards during office hours. There was one clothesline filled with socks and work clothes, and it made me want to know their story, so I made one of my own. I often do that when I am out for a walk or go by on the bus, noticing the new red mailbox and imagining the happiness with the new purchase followed by the frustrating install. Everyday life is rich with stories, and I am always curious what is inside the mainicured suburban homes.

Audio Book Review-Charm Me by Tena Stetler

I listened to this book as part of my Audible Romance package and really enjoyed the quick pace and intriguing characters. I fell for the hero Devlin at the same time as the heroine Summer, but who can resist a man that cooks, bakes, loves dogs and owns a cabin in the mountains. The pacing was great, the tension between them built nicely, and their family secrets were intriguing. This was my first time reading the author @TenaStetler and I look forward to checking out her other offerings. I also plan to check out the Candy Heart Series at Wild Rose Press.

The magic and supernatural elements were well integrated into the story. This would make for a great Valentine’s listen to get ready for the upcoming holiday. Clocking in at just under 2 hours, you get enough time to enjoy the romance and the wonderful setting.

Student Nurse-schools books or romance novels?

When I was attending nursing school (many moons ago) I often needed a break from my studies. Luckily the nursing residence, on the grounds of the remote psychiatric hospital grounds, had a small reading nook filled with all kinds of books and magazines , including a large collection of romance paperbacks.

Needing a break from the school books, hectic days on the care units, and often sad stories of some of our patients, I was drawn to the allure of the romance novels and the happily ever after (HEA) escape. The copies were obviously well read judging by the tattered covers and ear-marked pages.

The stories were just what I needed to help me fall asleep in my unfamiliar surroundings and reminded me of my mom, an avid reader of romance, usually historical. I still made time for schoolwork but the break was a lifesaver. I still gravitate to a romance paperback when life and work builds up, augmenting it with a romance audiobook on my walks. I am glad the books found me and still do.

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