Book Review-The Autobiography of Satan (Authorized Edition)

I was not sure what to expect from this book by William A Glasser but I really enjoyed it. I would call it a mash-up of fiction, philosophy and fantasy, with a great and thoughtful ending. ****

Publisher: Published February 21st 2017 by Open Books

Author: William A. Glasser

Pages: 167

Blurb: From the moment of his first emergence as a single spark in the dimness of prehistory, to the more enlightening force into which he evolves across the full span of human existence, Satan, as he now clearly illustrates, has been urging human beings to open their eyes to the world around them, and to continue seeking, with unfettered minds, for ultimate answers, yet to be found. To do so he must struggle against the persistent attempts to stifle that urge by the “spoon feeders,” as he calls them, individuals who have insisted, within every age, and often with a bloody fist, that they, and they alone, are the possessors of the only beliefs that every human being should accept and live by, without question. As Satan traces the history of their many attempts to stop human beings from thinking for themselves, he also takes his readers on a search for the ultimate source of all evil in this world. Readers will obviously enter the book with the standard concept of Satan as a supernatural figure of evil. They will leave the book, however, with a better understanding of how such mind-twisting concepts have been used to keep people away from the “forbidden” knowledge that lies beyond the borders of entrenched beliefs.

My thoughts: The retelling of history from the perspective of Satan was unique, and the way that the author broke it up by explaining things to the scribe was fun and instructive. Not being a person well immersed in  religion, I cannot say how accurate some of the timelines were, but I do not think that was the point. I enjoyed the premise that knowledge is a threat to those in power. As you follow the tale you will often pause to reflect on some of the statements, and imagine how people of that time period may have viewed events. The surprise ending will also make you realize how much perspective matters. I would recommend this book.

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