Weekly reflections-writing is hard

I am finding it hard to stay motivated. I have ideas but they seem to fall flat. When something is published, like my Drabble in Trembling With Fear, or my short story in Sirens Call, I am thrilled, but the excitement dwindles. It is disheartening when a story is rejected, makes you want to give up. The same goes for Twitter pitches, not sure if they are my thing…..

I think it is because I am treating writing like a job, in my quest for publications, I am chasing deadlines and venues, rather than chasing the story. Keeping lists and spreadsheets feels a bit too much like my real job. I write for fun and to release stress, not add to it.

I am also eager to review books, but am behind, and sometimes feel pressure to put together the review, versus enjoying the book. I admire those voracious reviewers with wonderful branding and imagery, one day…..

For now, I resolve to do write and read for fun, joy and if something becomes of it, perfect, if not, that is okay.

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