Phone on the wall-part 1

Her little sister Amy was crying and her mom was holding Amy tight to muffle the sound. It was up to Bonnie to get to the telephone and call for help. This was the time before cordless phones, and the hallway to the kitchen seemed never ending. She was certain that the men outside must be able to hear her heart beating above their scratching and prying at the window frame.

The doorbell started to ring again and her tiny dog began to bark bravely, but the shrillness gave away the fact he was too tiny to be a threat to the intruders. Regardless he stayed by her side as she inched forward, somehow knowing she needed reinforcement. She stroked his curly white hair and it calmed her nerves. She looked back and could barely make out her family but saw her mom rocking back in forth, in part to soothe Amy, but mostly to calm her own terror. Her mom was not strong in uncertain situations, dad normally handled these things, but he was out of town.

She was just a few feet away from the phone on the wall,she just had to turn the corner, when the window shattered………

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