Weekly Refection #2

Well the week has not been as productive creativity wise, but perhaps strategy wise there is some progress. I submitted one drabble and signed up to review some books. I have been working on a short story and adding a few lines here and there to a romance novella I am developing. I added a few book reviews to my blog , but need to find ways to make them catchier, as I tend to be too brief. I have been reading a lot of other bloggers to see how they find the right balance. Still learning the ropes as far as ensuring links and images fit.

Twitter tends to be a blessing and a distraction, following a lot of new people and hearing about some amazing books and anthologies. My love of television and movies also generates a lot of ideas but can be distracting, especially the news. It is a bit like watching a combination horror show, soap opera and car wreck. I am contemplating another blog devoted to media, and  learning more about industry.

My burning question right now is about mugs, wondering if other writers have a favorite, and if it brings forth any creative magic? Does it vary based on what genre you are writing in? Should I fill it with coffee, tea, wine or grey goose?

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