Celebrate with a Chai Tea-first published story

I am thrilled to say that my first short story was published by CafeLit. It is called Black Socks on the Clothesline .

I came up with the idea a long time ago when I was out for a walk on my lunch hour. The neighborhood was made up of older homes and there seemed to be a lot of older and possibly retired couples, judging by home many seemed to be home tending to the yards during office hours. There was one clothesline filled with socks and work clothes, and it made me want to know their story, so I made one of my own. I often do that when I am out for a walk or go by on the bus, noticing the new red mailbox and imagining the happiness with the new purchase followed by the frustrating install. Everyday life is rich with stories, and I am always curious what is inside the mainicured suburban homes.

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