Student Nurse-schools books or romance novels?

When I was attending nursing school (many moons ago) I often needed a break from my studies. Luckily the nursing residence, on the grounds of the remote psychiatric hospital grounds, had a small reading nook filled with all kinds of books and magazines , including a large collection of romance paperbacks.

Needing a break from the school books, hectic days on the care units, and often sad stories of some of our patients, I was drawn to the allure of the romance novels and the happily ever after (HEA) escape. The copies were obviously well read judging by the tattered covers and ear-marked pages.

The stories were just what I needed to help me fall asleep in my unfamiliar surroundings and reminded me of my mom, an avid reader of romance, usually historical. I still made time for schoolwork but the break was a lifesaver. I still gravitate to a romance paperback when life and work builds up, augmenting it with a romance audiobook on my walks. I am glad the books found me and still do.

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