Black socks on the clothesline

“He walked very slowly down the back alley delaying the journey home and the inevitable questions he could not answer. Paul never took this way, he always used the front street, and always in a hurry, never at such a liesurely pace. Maybe he would finally learn something about the neighborhood he had called home for so long but never got to enjoy, as he rushed madly from the downtown skyscraper, to the crowded bus, to the quick walk past all the manicured lawns to his brick bungalow, like all the other suburban homes.”

Opening sentences of a short story I am working on. I want to publish stories to build my profile, though my wish is to publish a novel or novella.

Do other writers work on smaller pieces to pad their resume? If you do, do you try and stay in the same genre, or spice things up?

Do you have any tips for websites or publishers that are open to new writers? I have found quite a few in the horror genre, but not as many in romance. Wisdom welcome……

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